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International Film Ratings

Barry's expertise extends beyond just the borders of the United States. Wherever you are, Barry can help.

Barry is collaborating with Patricia Shannon, a published author and  the owner of From Book To Movie. With agents in Mumbai and Nadiad,  India, From Book To Movie assists Barry with movie ratings services in  India, Australia and New Zealand

From Book To Movie offers services for (aspiring +) authors,  screenwriters and filmmakers, worldwide

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International Workshops & Seminars

As major international film markets like India and China collaborate with U.S. filmmakers, it is more necessary than ever for them to understand the U.S. ratings system. How do foreign filmmakers prepare for a possible U.S. theatrical release when U.S. filmmakers familiar with the system have difficulty?

Barry provides workshops and  presentations to foreign filmmakers, giving them how-to advice all the way from the script stage through film submission. It starts with basic knowledge, a "Ratings 101", and continues with specific steps to take to save the filmmaker time, money and aggravation.

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