Meet Barry

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Strategy meeting With "Unbranded" team at distributor  Gravitas Ventures
Director Phillip Baribeau, Executive Producer Cindy Meehl, Lead Rider and Creator Ben Masters, Movie Ratings Consultant Barry Freeman, Producer Dennis Aig

Barry Freeman knows the film ratings business. As a consultant, guest speaker and father, he has witnessed filmmakers,  film students and film goers question so much about the system:

What is the language rule for F-bombs? Are there exceptions?

Can nudity be shown in PG-13? Can intercourse ever fit into a PG-13?

How much is too much violence? What about blood, brutality & graphics?

When is smoking a ratings element? Can it be rated R?

What's the ratings deal with drug use? Is pot smoking rated the same as heroin use?

What does "theme" cover? How is it rated?

Barry rated over 8,000 movies while serving on the Classification and Rating Administration at the MPAA. He began consulting because he is passionate about helping producers and entertainment attorneys (and their clients) maneuver through the ratings approval process. Whether that be the script stage during on-location shooting, post-production, or for MPAA submissions, Barry is there to take away the guesswork.

Barry will advise and partner with filmmakers to provide a one-stop solution for all ratings issues. Results include cost and time savings, less aggravation, and in some cases, more of the director’s vision will remain in the film.

Prior to working on the MPAA Board, Barry was on the executive teams of two Los Angeles tech companies. He’s always enjoyed team collaborations and project management & organization, regardless of industry, product or service.

Barry enjoys spending time with his wife and tracking his daughter's career at CBS Sports and his son's networking adventures around Los Angeles. He serves on the Board of Directors for "You're With Us" which creates inclusion opportunities for young adults with disabilities. Barry is training for his first 50 mile trail race running club, and as a native Bostonian, he is a "wicked" big Sox, Pats & Celts fan. Barry's short term sports forecast includes World Series, Super Bowl and NBA championships.